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Custom Handmade Rugs

Montagne Handwoven is a family business specializing in carefully-crafted custom handwoven rugs. Wool, cotton, or linen fibers are hand-dyed, then woven and finished by Montagne Handwoven’s team of artisans in Bryson City, NC. Each of our beautiful, durable rugs exactly fulfills the client’s design objectives for a given space.

The gallery below shows a sampling of recent work and popular styles. Learn how to order a custom rug from Montagne Handwoven or contact us for more information.

Flat Weave

Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Flat weave rug in greys, red with stripe detail
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Flat weave rug in aqua, taupe, cream, red with stripe detail
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Flat weave rug in earthtones with stripe detail


Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Ikat rug in taupe, blue, yellow, cream
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Ikat rug in grey, green, cream
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Ikat rug, multicolor

Geometric Strip

Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Geometric strip rug in greens, blues, earth tones, with red highlights
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Geometric strip rug in blues, creams
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Geometric strip rug in gold, blue, grey, cream
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Geometric strip rug in brown, white


Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Diamond twill rug in red, white
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Twill rug in gold, grey, cream
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Chevron twill rug in cream, gold, green, and white


Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Rosepath pattern rug in green and natural with dark green warp stripe detail.
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Extended Rosepath pattern rug in silver.
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Rosepath pattern rug in blue, cream, brown

Texture Weave

Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Texture Weave pattern rug in blue and white
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Texture Weave pattern rug in white with navy stripe
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Texture Weave pattern rug in grey and gold
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Texture Weave pattern rug in blue and white

Warp & Weft

Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Warp & weft rug with multi-color, cream fill
Custom handmade rug by Montagne Handwoven. Warp & weft rug in beige.


Traditional weaving techniques, distinctive design and the subtle shades of hand-dyed yarn set Montagne Handwoven rugs apart from other handmade products. Inspired by the natural world, contemporary design and the global weaving tradition, Montagne Handwoven rugs are an elegant, functional, durable way to complete any living space.

Custom Orders

Montagne Handwoven woven strike-off with fabric swatches provided by the client

Montagne Handwoven rugs are fully custom and are produced to order. The order process begins with a conversation between Montagne Handwoven and the interior designer about the client’s intentions for the space. Clients who wish to stop by the studio are invited to peruse existing samples to find inspiration in the variety of textures, weights, and color combinations made possible by our custom design process. At this stage, the designer often provides fabric swatches to serve as a color reference and inform design.

Once the client has chosen a pattern, Montagne Handwoven artisans weave a custom “strike-off.” At approximately 1′ wide, the strike-off is a full-scale sample of the finished product, usually showing several potential colorways. The strike-off allows the client to feel the weight of the fabric and approve the colors and design before the rug moves to production.

Montagne Handwoven handmade flat weave rug in earthtones with stripe detail. Custom woven to accommodate staircase

Hand Dyeing

Following approval of the strike-off, Montagne Handwoven artisans prepare and dye the yarn by hand. Mild variations of color add to the richness and depth of the finished piece. The resulting rugs do not merely match the color swatches provided, but bring the room together, creating cohesion and harmony in the living space.


Most Montagne Handwoven designs can be further customized through the use of a variety of natural fibers. Clients can add texture and alter the visual effect of their rug by choosing from wool, linen, or cotton yarns.

Sizing & Custom Layouts

Montagne Handwoven can weave a rug of any size and shape to fit large, small, or irregular spaces.

Using up to 10′ wide countermarche looms, Montagne Handwoven produces single-panel rugs up to 9’6″ wide. Larger rugs are pieced together from multiple panels to achieve the desired size. Clients are encouraged to submit floor-plans or consult with an installer for complex shapes.

Lead Time

All orders require a 50% deposit and client’s approval of the strike-off before they can proceed to production. From this point, you can expect 10-12 weeks lead time for delivery of your custom rug.

About Us

Montagne Handwoven is a second-generation family business. Founded in Atlanta, GA, we value our ties to our hometown and maintain close relationships with our Georgia clients while also supplying custom handmade rugs to clients from New England to California and abroad.

Lyn Sterling Montagne, Founder

Lyn Sterling Montagne first established an Atlanta-based custom weaving business in 1982. An artist and educator whose work has been collected by the Mint Museum and the Georgia Council for the Arts, her vision for the business was to work in partnership with clients to design and create custom handmade rugs that would be beautiful, functional, and completely fulfill each client’s objective for a given space.

Tradition, Evolution & Inspiration

Michael and Zuzana Montagne began working with Lyn in 2010, learning the business from the ground up, first as studio assistants and later as weavers. In 2015, they moved primary production to their new home in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Lyn continues to work closely with her son and daughter-in-law and Montagne Handwoven remains true to our roots, combining traditional weaving techniques with complex but delicate use of color to create rugs that are at once timeless and modern.

Our rugs are continually evolving as we are inspired anew by the world around us. The natural world consistently informs our color palette, and most recently, the kilims of Northern Iran, as well as the sturdy, functional, cloths we have come across on travels in France, Nepal and Guatemala have had a profound effect on our design.

Contact Montagne Handwoven

Atlanta Design Studio:
476 Bryan St.
Atlanta, GA 30312

NC Production Studio:
94 Needmore Rd.
Bryson City, NC 28713

Phone: 1.770.630.8188

By Appointment

@montagnehandwoven on Instagram





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